Genius Centers offers the best extra school activity ever, it permits your kid to go deep into what he or she was taught theorically in school and gives room to their creativity. As a matter of fact, it positively influences their academic perfomances. That’s why during the 2017/2018 academic year, 100% of our geniuses had their official exams, 80% of them with very high grades and honor boards.



Here at Genius Centers we offer what is right for your kid according to their age. Our workshops are availaible for children who range from 4 to 17 years of age and these workshops are divided into 7 categories:

1. Toddler Tech(4 to 6 years)
2. Design 1(+6years)
3. Robotics-Scratch (+7 years old or younger)
4. Game Engine (+11 years or younger for insiders)
5. Design 2 (+11 years or younger for insiders)
6. Web Development (+11 years or younger for insiders)
7. Robotics-Home automation (+13 years or younger for insiders.

Yoland just obtained a scholarship into a very prestigious school in South Africa (African Leadership Academy). She is a 19 year old young lady, who happened to attend workshops at Genius Centers in HTML (hypertext mark up language) and CSS (cascading style sheet) games programing, which earned her two certificates. Yoland attributes her present scholarship to Genius Centers and believes that it influenced her eligibility to the scholarship positively. She goes further to tell us that all she happened to learn during her days at GC has influenced her day to day life in that she has become more organised and is now a fast thinker and can easily identify certain problems that might take her peers more time to. Back in her former school, she scored good grades in CAAM (computerized and accounting management) a subject in accounting department. “oh! how I wish I could have just another chance to be at GC again” she say’s while adding that if she were a parent she’ll happily send her kids to Genius Centers just as her parents did, as it is a place where they’ll learn new things and have access to not only the computer, but as well the knowledge poured out by the teachers. “My future aspirations are to continue with programming using other languages and also to do computer maintainance. I will love to know more about a computer and to be a programmer is what I so much desire”. Yoland concludes.


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