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Everything is set up so that the children express their genis in our hubs of Bastos, Bonaberi, Bonamoussadi or Bonapriso Limited places! 👉🏽


What can we offer of Beneficial and Playful to our children aged from 4 to 17 years, during the period of the summer Holiday? Benefit from these holidays program and offer one or more seasons Genius to your kids. Genius Centers organizes workshops in computer engineering, robotics, design and entrepreneurship for out-of-school youth during school and holidays.



3d modeling (+13 years old or less for initiates) At least 2 necessary seasons)

Make 3D modeling will enable the (in) Genius reproduce in a computer, all the elements of the real world and its imagination. Like the professionals, she (he) will use the software Blender to create models, video game characters and animations.

App Inventor (+13 years or under for insiders. 2-3 seasons)

Today, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are integrated into our daily lives and constantly gain the ground. Beyond mobility, their great strength lies in the applications to which they give access and in which it affects all areas. This workshop will be exclusively devoted to application development Android.

Web Development (+13 years or less for those who are already in the school. 2 seasons necessary to complete a cycle)

This workshop will allow the Genius to elucidate the mysteries that are hidden in the world of the web. She (he) will discover languages programs such as HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT, used for the creation of websites and Web Applications. each Genius will carry out a project based on the WordPress CMS.

Toddler Tech (+4 years)

To familiarize with technology from an early age, that’s good. Orientate to the useful and adopt good manners very early, it’s even better! This workshop is useful for technological awakening. No stress, workshops engineering is available from 7 years.

Home automation – Raspberry Pi (+ 13 years or less for our students 2 seasons is necessary to acquire good bases)

Introducing Home Automation with the Raspberry Pi module will allow the Genius to understand the hidden systems behind artificial intelligence, connected objects, design and realization of electronic gadgets or any other mechanism technology. These Genius will have fun creating micro.

Scratch (+7 years or 6 years for our students)

Using the Scratch tool, the Genius will learn how to create video games and 2D animations. To do this, she (he) will have fun putting in practical notions acquired in mathematics courses. In discovering the basics of programming with algorithms, He will integrate the big family of junior developers.

Office and computer maintenance (8 years)

In this workshop, we tame the logic of using the famous software office suite. These include Word, Excel and Power point. Before that, we have fun in dismantling and mantling machine. The end computers to understand the mechanisms.

Entrepreneurship – Project (+7 years old)

Being a member or having done at least 3 seasons since 2015) How to find a project idea? How to adapt to the context social situation, the different steps to follow in order to move from an idea of project to a physical materialization of the project. Team spirit.


Members only– Entrepreneurship – Preparation for competitions and pitch

– Internship followed in company for the +13 years


Calendar Season


Season 1: 04 to 15 June 2018


Season 2: June 18 to 29, 2018


Season 3: 02 to 13 July 2018


Season 4: July 16 to 27, 2018


Season 5: from July 30 to August 10, 2018


Season 6: August 13 to 24, 2018



Hours:From Monday to Friday. Choice of hours:  9 am – noon   12 pm – 3 pm   3 pm – 6 pmFriday being entirely dedicated to the Games, leadership workshops, debates and exchanges.In the table below, please select one or more seasons and a time slot. Workshops inboxes are optional. We can make a workshop both. Do not hesitate to contact us if in doubt.Example: Mr. Oumarou has registered children for season1 and season2. He chose the time slot 12h-15h. For saison1, daughter Mary chose to App Inventor, Michael and Danielle have chosen Office and Maintenance. In season 2, the children chose to come from 15h to 18h for the Raspberry-Pi workshop.



Distribution of workshops in our Hubs

Season 1 04 – 15 June⇒ Toddler Tech ⇒ Scratch ⇒ App Inventor⇒ App Inventor ⇒Office automation and Computer maintenance⇒ Web1⇒ Raspberry-Domotique1 (Bonapriso)
Season 2 18 – 29 June⇒ Toddler Tech ⇒ Scratch ⇒ App Inventor⇒ App Inventor ⇒ Office automation and Computer maintenance⇒ Web1 ⇒ Raspberry-Domotique1 (Bonapriso)
Season 3 02 – 13 July⇒ Toddler Tech ⇒ Scratch ⇒ App Inventor3D modeling ⇒ App Inventor⇒ Web1 ⇒ Office automation and Computer maintenance ⇒ Raspberry-Domotique1 (Bonamoussadi)
Season 4 16 – 27 July⇒ Toddler Tech ⇒ Scratch ⇒ App Inventor3D modeling ⇒ App Inventor⇒ Web2 ⇒ Raspberry-Domotique2 (Bonamoussadi)
Season 5 30 – 10 August⇒ Toddler Tech ⇒ Scratch ⇒ App Inventor⇒ Office automation and Computer maintenance ⇒ Web1Entrepreneurship –Projet ⇒ Raspberry-Domotique1(Yaoundé)
Season 6 13 – 24 August⇒ Toddler Tech ⇒ Scratch ⇒ App Inventor3D modeling ⇒ Web2 Entrepreneurship – Pitch preparation and competitions (Bonapriso &Bonamoussadi)) ⇒ Raspberry-Domotique2 (Yaoundé)
 Registration, Address and other info:The workshops will be held in our 4 hubs (Bastos Bonabéri, Bonamoussadi, Bonapriso). Genius network is growing. We you welcome to contact us even if the offer does not meet your needs. We may be a solution to your concern, Genius Centers will be happy to integrate your needs into our strategy. Also ask for Genius workshops at school or at home. Quick, accurate and complete information via WhatsApp


(+237) 678 76 31 96

(+237)  696 08 44 58


Everything is set up so that the children express their genis in our hubs of Bastos, Bonaberi, Bonamoussadi or Bonapriso Limited places! 👉🏽

If distance or fare is a problem, ask for information for Genius workshops at school or at home.

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