Genius Centers, is a center of technological development for young people from 04 to 17 years old. We offer young people a fun and friendly space where they explore technology together, get advice and support from qualified mentors. These young people have the opportunity to create applications, websites, games and tame robotics and home automation. Genius Centers makes every effort to ensure that children residing in Cameroon have nothing to envy the children of other countries in terms of technology.

Useful informations

Creation of video games

Do you like video games? Why not create your own and bring it to market? In this workshop you will get used to the design of 3D and 2D games ...


Creating robotic systems

Assembling of different components into robotic systems.And programming with drag and drop, python and c ++... etc. In order to control robots.




Development of mobile applications

Why stuck with the use of android phone only ?  Express your ideas by developing your own applications and make them available to the whole world.

Creating web applications


Create a website where you could highlight what you are passionate about, the activities of your parents or your school. By using HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress ...etc




Graphics and video editing

Are you passionate about photo ? Improve your skills in photoshop or image editing, graphic design and video editing.




Computer maintenance and office training

Find out all the mysteries of a computer. Being able to understand and repairs its breakdowns.  Master different technologies of Microsoft office such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.